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Certification in Setter, Hitting, and Libero.

IMPACT certification

Safe Sports certificate

Coaching for 10 years and helping girls to develop their high potential in the court. 

Playing in High School as a defender and in adult leagues as well. I believe that it is very important as a coach to continue learning new strategies and advanced training to take each player to the next level. That's why I continually take every opportunity to attend new coach training to bring the later advanced training to my teams. 

Coach Ashley 

IMPACT certification

Safe Sports certified

Ashley was active in several competitive sports throughout childhood, transitioning into adult leagues, and coaching with a lifelong passion for volleyball. 

She attributes a great deal of her determination and drive to her role within sports during adolescence and uses it as the foundation and motivation for working with young athletes today. 


“Being part of a sports team has so much more to offer than just the game itself, valuable life lessons and skills that go far beyond the court. Self-confidence, drive, determination, grace, teamwork, and the value of hard work are some of the greatest attributes I hope to pass along through the game, both on and off the court.” 

Coach Paige

Paige is a young athlete that has been playing Volleyball Club level, an excellent player and coach as well. Paige has working with the girls helping them to reach their high potential. 

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