Voltage Volleyball Academy

We are passionate about the game of Volleyball and we love to pass on that passion and drive our Players!

Building people through positive feedback and encouragement in the culture we support. We grow players and teams through caring about each player and giving positive, supportive instruction.  

We've found that players are more open to learning when they feel valued, safe, and encouraged. We don't just build teams, we build families. 

Volleyball Programs


Date: August. 8, 10,16, 17, 24 & 29th. 

Grades: Middle School.

Time:     6:00-7:30 pm

Cost:      $200.00

Address: 1211 Lindenwood Ave, St. Charles MO, 63301

This camp is designed to provide campers with instructions in all aspects of DS and Hitting.

Pre-Tryouts Clinics

11U - 14U 

Dates:    Sept. 7,12,14,21, 28th    

Times.    6:30-8:00

Cost:      $210.00

Address: 1211 Lindenwood Ave, St. Charles MO, 63301

This camp is for Middle Schoolers who want to continue developing their volleyball skills and be prepared for the upcoming season. 

Girls will be divided by age.

October Open Gyms

October 5, 10, 12, and 19th.

11U-12U - 6-7:00 pm
13U-14U - 7-8:30 pm

Address: 1211 Lindenwood Ave. St. Charles MO 63301



October 22nd. 

Girls 11U - 12U.  9:00-10:00 am

Girls 13U,          10:30-11:30 am

Girls 14U,          12:00-1:30  am



What is College Recruiting?

Is the process in wich college coaches add prospective student athetes to their roster each off-season. This process typically culmitates in a coach extending an athletic scholarship offer to a player who is about to be a junior in high school or higher.  In Voltage VBC we will give you all the information where you can start College recruiting process. 

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