Voltage Volleyball Academy

We are passionate about the game of Volleyball and we love to pass on that passion and drive our Players!

Building people through positive feedback and encouragement in the culture we support. We grow players and teams through caring about each player and giving positive, supportive instruction.  

We've found that players are more open to learning when they feel valued, safe, and encouraged. We don't just build teams, we build families. 

Youth Volleyball Training 

One of the best ways to help young players learn is to keep practices fun and engaging. This gives young volleyball players a chance to shake off any frustrations and bond with their teammates. 

The  program is designed for 10s - 12s Girls and Boys who want to develop their skills in volleyball and feel confident in the game.

The training consists of two practices per week and runs from Nov-March 2022.

The practices will take place at 1211 Lindenwood Ave. St. Charles MO 60301


Contact VoltageVolleyball for registrations and additional information about the cost.

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